Would YOU like to get an extra RM1,500 additional income as a freelance WOW
agents or distributors in Malaysia?

Here’s how you can get started quickly and at low cost!

– Buy 5 Vimax at only RM 190 per bottle! (RM 950 total)!

– Pay 50% on CREDIT! – Pay only RM 475 upfront

– Pay via Bank Transfer or BETTER yet – COD!

– Earn RM1,100 total by selling 5 vimax to your friends and relatives at only RM220 per bottle!

– On your next order, you can order any of the below and repay the RM 475 credit:

5 Units – RM 190 each

10 Units – RM 160 each

15 Units – RM 130 each

– Earn 50% cash reward on any fully paid first order of an agent you refer!

So if you refer a new agent that buys 5 bottles, you will receive RM 475 as a referral fee once the payment is received in full.  We will credit this to your next order.

– It’s SIMPLE! Sell 15 bottles a month and earn RM 1,500 per month – that’s a profit of RM 1,350!

(RM 220 – RM 130) * 15 = RM 1,350

– Be rewarded for a total amount of RM475 when you refer an agent who buys 5 bottles!

+ Total monthly income = RM 1,350 + RM 475 (credit towards next order) = RM 1,825

So, what are you waiting for? Get started now as Vimax distributor in Malaysia with an initial purchase of 5 Vimax bottles and see your earning double over time!


Call/Whatsapp/SMS: Aiman +601131329688

Email: [email protected]