• Vimax and Lean Muscle Formula, a penis enlargement supplement
  • Vimax Original Pills Malaysia - Dietary Natural Male Supplement
  • Supreme Erection Hardness with Lean Muscle Formula
  • Vimax and Lean Muscle Formula, a penis enlargement supplement
  • Vimax Original Pills Malaysia - Dietary Natural Male Supplement
  • Supreme Erection Hardness with Lean Muscle Formula

Super Size Program

Maximize your Size with Vimax and Lean Muscle! Vimax makes penis tissue more elastic and Lean Muscle increases blood flow to your penis to promote more engorgement.

1 x Lean Muscle
1 x VlMAX

Recommended Program – 2 to 4 Months
Morning after food – 1 Lean Muscle (also can be taken on empty stomach prior to workouts)
Evening after food – 1 Vimax

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Supersize Malaysia - Penis enlargement supplement


How can Super Size Program help you?

Fact: 3 out of 4 women aren’t satisfied with the sexual performance of their partners because of the super penis enlargement program.

Does it happen to you?

  • Would you like to give your girl an unforgettable night and satisfy all of her desires?
  • Have you ever doubted if the size of your penis can give a woman an orgasmic explosion?
  • Do you wish you were born with a penis as huge and thick as those in porn movies?

SuperSize Program is a penis enlargement supplement that can increase your penis up to 5.8 centimetres and promote effortless engorgement in a natural way.

In just a few weeks you can vastly improve your sexual performance…and the effects are long term and safe.

So how does SuperSize Penis Enlargement Program work?

Firstly, know that your penis is a muscle, made up of arteries and spongy tissue.

During erection, the arteries channel blood into spongy tissue until the penis is fully erect.

Penis enlargement can be accomplished in 2 ways:

1) Increased blood flow to the penis
2) Having flexible spongy tissue that expands more and allows in more blood

Vimax is a dick enlargement pill that works in both ways to increase penis length and girth (increasing blood flow and thickening the shaft).

Lean Muscle promotes nitric oxide production which supports maximum blood flow for improved engorgement in length and girth.

Penis enlargement pills - SuperSize Malaysia

Does SuperSize Program really work?

Of course! We have 17 years of experience in the sexual wellness industry. We have many customers that want to share their experiences with you:

This program actually worked pretty well for me with no side affects. I would recommend this if you need a little help with blood flow. I also had a high sex drive.
Muhammad H. Johor, Malacca City, Malaysia

“I have definitely noticed a difference. I will buy them again and this is by far the best deal around. I found my penis bigger after a few months of taking these. And it’s getting harder than ever before!”
Alfons L. Chonosky, Ipoh, Malaysia

“My husband has been taking these for 1-2 years and has been very satisfied with the results he has gotten. He stopped taking them for a while and could tell a difference in his desire so I have ordered them again.”
Natalia E, Kedah, Malaysia

“It took a few days for my body to adjust to it but it did. The girlfriend likes how it works too. Will definitely buy this dick enlargement pills once again. No side effects at all.”
Steve, Chicago. Seremban, Malaysia

“Used these as directed and in just 2 weeks both me and my girlfriends noticed increase of length and girth! Next time I’ll definitely purchase 2 to 3 programs instead of just one. Very amazing dick enlargement… FLAWLESS VICTORY!”
Jason David Riley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What does Super Size Program contain?

  • Vimax pills
  • Lean Muscle Formula

Vimax pills and Vimax patch are 100% Safe and made from natural herbs as well as minerals the body needs.

Only the highest quality herbal ingredients from around the world are used in the manufacture of Vimax.

Lean Muscle is a formula patented proprietary blend of all natural minerals that are beneficial to your body, and most importantly, your erectile prowess.


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